Not unlocking anything at 33percent through

I have completed workout 1,2,3, and one TT race. I unlocked the socks at 16 percent. I should have gotten the cap at 33 percent… I’m at 33 percent and I logged in again to see if
I got it and I didn’t. Anyone know what is going on?

My dashboard on zwift companion also says that I have done 33 percent but not unlocked the cap and it says that I didn’t do workout 2…

Anyone know what is going on? Please help

This is also happening to me, the whole reason I was doing ZA and ZA Tri was to collect caps :joy:

Lol, I did another workout and got the cap. I have done 4 workouts but it said I have done 50 percent of the academy… I did one TT and 4 workouts, should get the kit after doing the 5th workout.

Alrighty, thanks for the update! I have done the race and 3 workouts at this point, just like you had originally. I guess I’ll have to do a workout tomorrow then.

Yeah, that should get you the cap. Enjoy the 4th workout!

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