Ideas for new features

How about a ride to the store or school? There is no commuting on Zwift. I don’t commute in the real world as it is too dangerous, but in the VR world, it could be fun.

You could make a route going through a grocery store… :joy:

Sorry to read that even a simple commute is dangerous for you right now. Hope that the situation will improve soon.

I like the idea of having a set end point to a ride/run as well, instead of a piece of road that just happens to be at a certain distance. This could be used for future badges maybe.

Why not a short grocery trip :wink:? And a longer ‘to the airport’ maybe?

Checking off route badges and other achievements is a very big motivator for me and I believe most people. The number of those can easily be increased with a bit of imagination (or borrowing from gaming quests). Easy development and maybe a good contribution towards higher level caps?

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I think commuting in many areas of California can be either (1) Dangerous (2) Impractical. The reason is the high number of mixed vehicles, and also the topography. I think as Zwift scales it has to appeal to a very broad user base. Many people are interested in at home training of some sort, the market for Peleton is quite large.

The reality is that graphics will consistently improve, along with cloud based commuting. So Biking through virtual reality will be consistently gaining over augmented reality.

One of my favorite games was Ratchet and Clank, Tools of Destruction, a classic platformer. What made it great was the personality of the game. You just wanted to explore the world and complete all the levels.


Maybe they could give us a slider to adjust driver road rage levels. It could go from Watopia (0%) to Texas (100%).

Or you could just install GT Bike V :stuck_out_tongue:.

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I think you are right, our society has many angry and frustrated drivers, or simply, distracted, not paying attention, or some that simply did not see you. I think Zwift does not want to be Grand Theft Auto, but they might include some fun animations, like single track, a bobcat that you see in the woods, wild turkeys on the road, deer, etc, etc, that is not hard to model, but very interesting. Wahoo just acquired RGT, so Zwift is going to need to think clearly about the next few years, the corporate positioning. RGT appears to have a benefit for practicing Criterions.

Like the one in your icon :wink:

Several routes actually already have those kinds of animations. Nothing complicated though, probably because of limitations of the in-house developed engine Zwift is using.

Check the Mayan bridge loop route or the Makuri islands for some examples, both are beautiful so well worth a ride or run.

Wow, thanks for the advice! My preference in riding is rollers over single big pitch climbs. In the real world, rollers are fun, and the altitude adds up. I think my Zwift is set at a level more challenging then my real world climbing, but that’s good, because I use Zwift for a high intensity workout compared to real world riding.