Fun updates to Zwift - your ideas

Hi guys, based on another topic where a Mariokart arcade mode was mentioned - which I believe would be so fun! - what is your opinion on what would be fun to implement in Zwift? Any great ideas?

A Mariokart mode would have almost endless opportunities. It would probably need some form of controller (the Zwift controller?), or maybe the companion app (although for me personally, I never use the companion app).

Additionally, something like an adventure quest maybe like a treasure hunt where you could group up and compete against other groups in different challenges or where you needed to find certain objects on specific routes to open up portals to smaller mini-game areas.

Vote for your favorite existing feature requests…

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I’ve thought before that Zwift should create a “Race World”, for want of a better name, for serious racers without gamification and restricted to complying hardware. Perhaps having another “Mariocart World” as the other end of the spectrum would also be good and cater for those people who love the game element.


Thanks for the links, Poul, I have voted now… :slight_smile:

This discussion was more for things that could be fun in Zwift but would probably never be implemented. If anything, someone else could take this discussion and make their own Zwift competitor. :wink: