Waste of time

Continuing the discussion from World Switching Please: Obviously they don’t care about world switching. I’m waiting for other competitors to step up. I’m sorry but I’m tired of reading these groveling posts begging, begging, begging.

Didn’t you read this: Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield - #15 by Zee_Kryder

You might want to actually read the info Paul provided before you say it doesn’t apply to you.

  1. It’s not about the world hack that does not apply to the Apple TV.
  2. It applies to every Zwift user.

“Where Is Map Choice”

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You are right, I should have read it. I’m hoping it means something will actually happen soon; hard to tell, but it sounds like a possibility. I’m embarrassed for not taking a serious look at this before commenting again and thank you for urging me to do that. Cheers.


Nevertheless… development of the gaming side of things is going way to slow since they have limited resources at the development side of things @ Zwift. (Eric Min said this on the zwiftcast)

I’d say, less money on marketing, more on development :wink: A good platform will sell itself!

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