Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield

RGT is a bit flat. I tried it for Zwift Insider but never published an article. It did make me appreciate Zwift even more.
Despite Zwift hacks, races are few and far between for Richmond. I don’t get the same race situations on London and New York as Watopia Hilly and Volcano. I pretty much just race Watopia. (Never found a race on the new London hilly extensions.
The jungle circuit is okay for races (don’t like the dirt devils) except that the race starts so far away that by the time you are over the main climb toward the Jungle turn, the race is mostly determined by that.
I expect the expansion on Watopia to be at the construction cones in the jungle loop, which again, will be for riders at level 10 or higher.
With the new updates and no Richmond dates, I can’t hack Richmond unless I open and edit the main file on my gaming computer. At least keep it twice a month…and easily add a reverse!
As for Jarvis returning, why oh why? Pointless.
Improve Richmond rather than bury it.

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