World hack for Apple TV.

If Zwift are not going to allow people to chose which world they ride but then say it’s ok to use the world hack, why not make it possible to use the hack with Apple TV. There must be thousands of frustrated Apple TV users out there who are being let down. Sort it out Zwift.

I don’t get it why people do the world hack? I have been on Zwift for 3 years and have not done or wanted to do the world hack. 2017 - 7,500km and 2018 - 6,800km and all of that on the world they give me. 

If it’s OK to hack, it should be available to all.  Just make it legal for everyone please…

Gerrie, why do you assume that because you don’t want it that nobody else should either? In answer to your question, people obviously do the world hack because they want to ride a different route than the one on the schedule. Just because you’ve been on Zwift for a long time does not mean that your perspective is more or less valid than those of others.

Besides, Zwift will get around to it sooner or later. Even if they really did not want to, they have to - when you get to 8-10 different worlds, you can’t realistically keep rotating between them all as some large part of the time people will be grumbling they aren’t on the world they like best (unless everybody likes the same one - hopefully it won’t be Richmond, haha).

It’s time to break the tyranny and oppression of the Zwift forced route calendar.  I say we storm Zwift headquarters and end the totalitarianism!