Futuristic SciFi World - like Star Trek Yourktown - Any Interest?

I really love the fantastic and magical things in Watopia and I am posting my wish for a Futuristic Science Fiction Fantasy world that is a massive space station with loops and Stellar and Galactic vistas. Something like, but re-imagined and outside the copyright of, the Yorktown Star-base in the Star Trek Beyond motion picture. Does this idea even stand a chance?
Search the web for Star Trek Beyond Yorktown or look on Youtube at /watch?v=eZTnSxW4pOI

Looks like New York’s Highline.
I’m not sure. I suggested a moon base special world for level 50 riders only.
I’m probably “the very vocal minority”.

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Well, I have a ways to go to level 50, but we are two, one more and it’s a movement! It would be cool if making a U-Turn would put you on the “ceiling” if you are riding in a space tube, they have the underwater tubes already. I’m guessing the required programming is too far from “engine” or what they have to work with. Thanks for the reply. Challenge presented!

Definitely a big yes from me, love space scenes. Weird plants, buildings, flying ships.
Possibly only tron bikes can use it ! Or at least they only get to ride the better levels !
Normal bikes are limited to lower levels, thus giving a better reason to get a tron bike.