New World Suggestions

Hello Zwift team!

Is it possible to create a list of new world suggestions?

Can we run and ride on the moon or in space?

The low or lack of gravity would have a poor effect on your speed :crazy_face:

But seriously, lots of people make world and course recommendations on here and Zwift doesn’t seem to take them into consideration. Usually new worlds are based off of their corporate and e-sports partnerships with the UCI, ASO, and the Olympics. Look at France for example. They should have just released Switzerland for the UCI Road World Championships, but that was cancelled and moved to Italy a few weeks ago so who knows what happened to all the work they did? Same for the Olympics this summer…maybe next summer we will see Japan?

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I might be quicker up hills on the moon…

I wonder how Strava will take such a ride… :grinning:

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There’s someone on Strava riding on Mars.
There’s a slew of pictures. I would rather ride New York, lol.