Expand the Worlds

I have been reasonably active in the topic: less worlds(retire the UCI worlds) and have thought that somebody needs to start a new topic requesting bigger worlds. The other topic started as less worlds and then moved onto bigger worlds. I personally think( and I think a lot of other people will think the same) that Zwift should join France and Paris, thus creating more room for another world. Then Zwift should make it possible to ride in any world at any time, there could be a drop multiplier for three worlds so that they will be busier than the others.

So what your saying for France/Paris make a tunnel from the underground of the Champs routes is to some point on the France map to make them one map. Good idea.


I just want them all joined up. One big world. I don’t care if some of the fake GPS locations have to move to enabled it either.


Yep, we’ve wanted this for a long time and there’s no valid reason against it, while bringing many benefits. If Strava is the issue, stick London/Innsbruck/Richmond/Paris in the Pacific with all the other fantasy routes


Get my vote , certainly France and Paris anyway .

Little bit less enthusiastic about the merging of the other worlds as I can see them as seperate geo spaces that might just need to be made much bigger … or have improvements done to them.

London for example could be expanded to be UK and on that basis maybe merge in Yorkshire to that world . But certainly adding more London routes , swains lane and regents park for starters . Anyone who has ever ridden a bike in London who has not spent much of there time on one or both of those is not a proper cyclist :D.
Richmond US , give that a wealth of routes to tap into … transam on Zwift anyone :smiley:
Innsbruck Austria ( or maybe Alps for more fun bringing in the Dolomite routes and other Alpine jollity)


Yeah, I don’t think all the worlds should be joined, but definitely expand them, and merge France and Paris

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Would love Innsbruck to be expanded into a Dolomites world with many real climbs. That would be awesome. Imagine a world with Innsbruck, Sterzing, Bolzano and Brixen in it.

That would be huge and unique. All of them linked together by a flat autobahn, ideal for TTs and people who don’t like hills.


They’d do that before they launched them if Paris was actually in France.

It would be cool but it would also be pretty empty, because flatter roads are the most popular on Zwift, and I think that’s why they’ve built Makuri with lots of options of flat routes. I’d bet future worlds are likely to be built based on what we all ride the most, more than which routes are the most iconic.

I do think Makuri will get “Mount Zuji” at some point, but I expect there to be more horizontal roads around it, and more routes up it, than you might find on Mount Fuji.


I personally, think flat is good, but I would like a few more massive hills

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There will come a time however when the number of “flat” routes spreads the majority who like that too thin and the climb routes becomes more desirable .

Secondly the reason why flat routes are probably more popular is the biased way that points are calculated for leveling ( distance) . If that bias was switched so you also got points for ascent that would likely rebalance/change that .


I personally think there is no need for such thing, but it would be awesome if there were bonus XP at the top of each major climb (now Alpe and Ven-top, perhaps Radio tower/Epic KOM and Innsbruck) similar to the spinner that is at the top of the Alpe. It would be good motivation to undertake and finish these big(ger) climbs.

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I agree - the more flat roads we get, the more people will spread out and eventually there will be demand for more hills.

But your point about levelling up assumes XP/levelling up is “probably” the primary reason why Zwifters choose flat routes, when in real life “it’s easier” is a key reason why people do the same thing.

In real life, you find more cyclists in countries and cities where it’s flat and you get the same trend in Watopia.

I think there are multiple motivators for different people, and it would be good to have more climbing motivators. Unintentionally, I’ve done a lot less climbing this year - now I have the Tron bike - than I did working towards it last year.

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I thought you did get more xp’s while climbing, isn’t that correct?

Maybe I’m going mad, but I thought there was a little flashing mountain somewhere on the xp award thing while you’re going uphill.

I think the flat routes are more popular is because there are a lot of lazy b****rds like me who like to keep climbing for special occasions…

Not getting more XP, but more drops for the dropshop.
You get 20xp/km no matter the gradient.

You could use workouts to “hack” how much xp you get in the uphill.

Zwiftinsider explains xp for workouts, but I’m not allowed to post links so you will have to find it on their page yourself.

Ah yes, I knew there was something… Thanks.

I don’t want just one big world, I want a few

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I just looked at the Zwiftinsider page, and I got heaps of new kits, as well as some xp info. Thanks for that

Yes! One big world, all joined up, where you can just cycle from one to the other. Like the Wandering Flats route on Neokyo where you go from the green area of Makuri Islands to the Neon epilepsy of Neokyo…it would be cool if all words were joined in a similar manner.