Zwift Tidy Up and Route Length

Hi, I have been usimg Zwift for some time now and find the ever expanding list of worlds, whilst great, a bit annoying.

You have to wait a while for maps to come around again, which is annoying sometimes if you are riding solo.

The maps could do with a tidy up to free up space. You could combine France and Paris as France. Under the name UCI Worlds you could put Innsbruck, Richmond, Yorkshire and Scotland, then have Makuri, London and New York as they are. This would allow for a faster cycle of the maps.

It would be nice to have some more mountains to climb and more routes of 30 to 40 miles that aren’t loops. Ideally if they are road, with no dirt tracks in the middle as this is annoying. Separate gravel/dirt routes would be better.

A new world of say Italy with the Stelvio included would be amazing. Or Australia and New Zealand.

I love Zwift and enjoy what it brings, I just feel it could be a little tidier and some longer routes involved.

A watopia expansion of mountains and valleys would be awesome too.

Keep up the great work.

If you choose to ride a Workout, you can select any route on any world at any time. Just quit the workout and you’ll go into Free Ride mode.

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I don’t get how this would speed up the cycle of the maps, are you saying that on the day your new UCI group is on the calendar that you have the courses from all of the existing worlds available on the same day?

Combining worlds would mean loading all of the assets for the combined worlds. Asset loading is already a problem for single worlds. Using engineering resources to work on this would also take away from their ability to execute on new stuff. I doubt they’re interested in doing that.

There are several existing threads proposing long routes and long climbs. Feel free to vote those threads up to show your support, but Zwift does not seem to be interested in those suggestions. (They never create new worlds or roads that people suggest.)


Or use a meet-up, or create a private club and make an event. Or join a race on your chosen route and quit before it starts. Lots of ways to ride where you want.

You say the ever expanding list of worlds is annoying, but then advocate for the creation of new worlds.

I don’t get it.


One solution would be making more worlds available at once - say 5 instead of three currently per week.

This kind of happens anyway with people making event rides or meetups. So may as well just let it happen.

This is true, of course, but would a combined world of Yorkshire/London/Paris/France/Innsbruck/Richmond/Scotland be any larger (from a system resources POV) than Watopia or Makuri? You might even be able to tack Bologna and Crit City onto that and still need fewer system resources than Watopia.