New Worlds requests?

Hi everyone,

I wonder, is it maybe planned to have more worlds (cities) available once in a while?

For example :blush: my hometown Rotterdam would really be cool with al the buildings, river and bridges it has. We don’t have mountains, so the only climbing would be a bridge but it’s a really cool evironment for biking.

Maybe this could be a sort of new city/world request topic?

Please discuss!

New worlds are requested regularly. Search the forum and you’ll find plenty of threads on this. The issue is that there are so many different requests, so you’d never be able to please everyone. So, Zwift generally sticks with worlds (outside of Watopia, and now Makuri, that have some tie in with a big UCI event.

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If the worlds have a tie to a UCI evebt why not add Sydney/Wollongong for a new world with the 2022 world championships laps because as a resident there are tones of great roads to add


Surprised that by now nothing yet in Italy also.

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Bologna, event only course.

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Need some Strade Bianche scenery :smiley:

They might still do that. Courses related to UCI World Championships are typically released fairly close to the actual event.

That course would be awesome. Both the city and Kiera loop would make a excellent racing circuit.


Full Gaz has I think exclusive rights to the world champs course this year so I don’ts think this will ever happen but TSOZ announced new roads in makuri islands