More UCI World Championship routes

I would love to ride the UCI World Championship route every year. Who else??

The Bergen uphill TT route would be cool (might be in the minority here).

Glasgow for 2023, with Edinburgh, Stirling and Loch Lomond as starts for some of the events.

Time enough now for Zwift to get working on them?

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My guess is they probably won’t do it. It’s been a few years since they added a UCI Worlds route; they seem to have gone in a different direction. Zwift does not act on user requests for new worlds or roads. Everyone has great ideas for places they’d like to see added to Zwift, and nothing ever comes from those suggestions. I’m in favor of any new roads, but expanding the largest existing worlds in the game would do more good than adding new under-developed worlds with a handful of routes, cluttering the guest world calendar but not offering a lot of riding options.

Wollongong would be interesting. But not enough to justify its inclusion.I know those roads as I have ridden on them before.

Other worlds like Innsbruck could do with expansion into a bigger world, or Watopia for instance which would make the new routes accessible to everyone all the time.

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instagram com/reel/CppNmdmAIeb/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

Zwift just posted a reel about the town Bergen.

I do not understand. What do they mean with „dropping on 13th March“?

It’s Norwegian week on Zwift w/c 13th March.

If it was advertised then i missed it too.