Glasgow Zwift course

I wonder if there’s any chance of Zwift creating a Glasgow course for the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships in 2023?
It’s not just the usual Road Race and TT events but 13 different cycle Worlds in a month.
They’ve got 3 years to get it sorted :wink:.

Let’s see how they do with Belgium and Australia.

I think this would provide a good launch point for a future UCI/Olympics world. If they wanted, they could split by region in an attempt to keep more worlds, while also providing an update to keep then fresh, which is the biggest issue with any UCI world. Once released they get ignored.

For me it depends on the routes.

I think the “Tokyo” Olympic and Paralympic courses - at least the circuits parts which are miles away from Tokyo - could be brilliant on Zwift. Something like this would be awesome - in Japan or Scotland.