Wollongong World Course

If anyone has ridden the 2022 Worlds Course IRL they would know how epic it is. Are we going to get this course as it suits Zwift very well. It has Mountains Loop, City Loop and a awesome rolling coast road. Is there anyone that has the same opinion?

Hopefully some new roads soon but nobody will tell you what until we see it.

World Championships in Wollongong next month. No chance of Zwift releasing a new course by then.
Do we really need another “world” that is only on rotation occasionally?

There are fun things coming Sep/Oct apparently so I would not 100% rule it out but these days until i see it I won’t believe it.

Do we need other worlds not unless they are huge. If we are talking small loops, crit courses etc i’d really like to see them incorporated into the existing worlds and allow organisers to create custom routes as the smallest of courses like crit city, even innsbruckring can get a bit dull for a hour.

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We’re not going to be creating a Wollongong course I’m afraid.


I think that we already have it on Zwift: Makuri Island + France :laughing:


If they want all of the UCI banners and IRL ties that they had in the past, I would imagine they need a lot of $$$ to grease the wheels with the UCI, again.

Honestly while this would be cool, I’d rather see some more effort go into Richmond, London, Innsbruck, or even Watopia before a new world arrives.


The map looks quite similar, but the profile is a total different story.

Don’t worry about the topography. Check out what ticktock looks like on Strava when you use there map overlay option.

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Looks like it’s FulGaz that is partnering with the UCI for the 2022 Worlds:



You can ride the 2022 Road World Championship Junior Men’s course on MyWhoosh for free. After setting up on MyWhoosh, choose the Wollongong City route in Australia.

And as MagicRoads on RGT, split into separate town and outside segments with the GPS done with Lidar. The town segment is supposed to be flatter but its got quite a tough hill in the middle,

Completely agree that there are already enough worlds, but expansion for those would be ideal.

Things I’d enjoy seeing:

  1. Combine Paris and France and then expand that combined map.
  2. Expansion of Makuri and a certain climb have been discussed before. Let’s see a fun third island perhaps even more off road than some route on first island
  3. Yorkshire, Richmond and Innsbruck are definitely small and not sure a revamp is the right path, but would enjoy new tarmac on those courses
  4. jungle in Watopia! Yes it’s hated and I know people don’t want more dirt, but let’s see the jungle circuit lap badge!
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Sold to the highest bidder probably. Halfway surprised that it isn’t MyWhoosh.

3: why not just make a “worlds world”? Combine them all into one for maximum rideability.

4: either pave the quickest route to the Alpe or make a paved jungle bypass would get my support, plus the jungle laps accomplishments of course.

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Ha! Of course, FulGaz is owned by IronMan, so their pockets are reasonably deep, I would guess.

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IM was acquired in 2020 for $730 million so yeah, that war chest is probably enough to pay the UCI off a couple times over.

Creating a UCI World I could see for sure. Each map is a bit different enough where it could work. Those three are overall middle of the road for me for overall maps.

Looks like the dirt roads are coming to Makuri Islands soon enough… new island coming

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I could actually see some pretty amazing course if they were to combine all the worlds courses. Hmm give me a few minutes, I have an idea.

So… I combined a few worlds, I know scaling is probably wrong, and added some connecting roads. What do you think? Also I know the lines I drew with my track pad are terrible but let’s not get hung up on that detail just yet.