Wollongong World Course

that looks fun, what is the bottom right section from?

Bologna made into a loop instead of just the out and back!

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If that were to happen, what about one of the Mt. Fuji routes up one side of a mountain to join with Ven-Top? They would meet at the top and start at different elevations, but just a thought. Makuri needs mountains!

What all is connected there?!? Quite impressive! I could see UCI Worlds, France to London (Chunnel) Makuri, Watopia as worlds and then expand/ as needed… sure it would be a nightmare to connect/ build but you’ve given them the blueprint!

I think Makuri and Watopia should stay as stand alone maps. Maybe combine the others into a third or fourth and then no more “guestworlds” and just have those as the 3/4 every day

Because some folks on the Zwift Riders FB group asked for NYC, I’ve swapped out NYC for Crit City but didn’t retrace the roads.


I’ve raced both loops on RGT (ask if you want the route codes) and they’re good. They’re “magic roads” so don’t have the custom scenery of the Leuven course from last year.

They’d make a fine Zwift world. I guess the key question is what they add versus existing routes other than variety and historical interest. I’d love Zwift to do every worlds course but they’ve clearly changed direction to focus on rich fantasy worlds. The Wollongong courses have a lot of turns and the Mt Keira climb, at 400 meters elevation, fills a bit of a hole in Zwift, shorter but steeper than epic and Innsbruck (similar steepness to Innsbruck reverse) but bigger than Yorkshire, Richmond, Hilly, Etc. The Mt Pleasant climb is a nice challenge but much shorter.m

What Zwift allows is mixing and matching loops in a given world. On RGT there’s no navigation : you can do laps of a fixed route but no choice of direction. A combined route would require a separate magic road.

I did the time trial course on FulGaz. Fun course and would certainly be challenging on a TT bike.

I have ridden part of the course IRL some years ago on a very windy weekend. The wind made it challenging. The gradients in places were steep but not too bad.