New Course Suggestion - the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Thanks to the Zwift dev team and all memebers in Zwift, I’ve been able to enjoy Zwift life.
Every time I found a new course created, I get excited.
Especially when a new course tailored to a worldwide cycling event like Giro d’Italia 2019 was published, I think all the Zwift riders got completely excited, and they must look forward to new courses for next big events.

That’s Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, so I would be grateful if a new course for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics would be created.

My 3 strong reasons to suggest it are as follows:

1.The routes are really hard to complete according to riders who participated in the test event.
In the Olympics, how many riders can complete the course?
If Zwift Riders found many riders struggle with the course, they must be eager for challenging it.

2.We can’t enjoy cycling in some part of the routes because they are only for cars except during the Olympic race.

Therefore, we have no other way but Zwift to enjoy all routes.

3.As a Japanese, I’m not satisfied with the routes for Tokyo 2020.
I would like the Zwift dev team not to implement the routes as it is but to reconstruct them without changing the toughness.
The reason is that the routes for Tokyo Olympic doesn’t show the attraction of Tokyo in my opinion because the start point isn’t in central of Tokyo, where there are so many sightseeing spots such as "Imperial Palace”, “Tokyo tower”, “Tokyo Skytree” and so many others.

I think “Imperial Palace” would be the best for the start point. The reasons are as follows:

  1. That’s one of most famous sightseeing spots.
  • In Spring, we can enjoy cherry blossoms around it, and in Autumn, we can enjoy autumn leaves.
  • If this idea got realized and how they look like would be changed in accordance with four seasons, Zwifters could enjoy it riding on bikes.
  • Tokyo Station, which is one of most famous sightseeing spots, is near it.
  1. One lap around it is about 6 km.
    *Zwift riders could enjoy criterium races if this idea was realized.

  2. “Imperial Palace” is the center of Tokyo.

  • We can start to ride toward any famous sightseeing spots, visit ones, and come back to “Imperial Palace”, so I think it’s easier to add options(new courses), whose start point is “Imperial Palace”.
    For example, we can start from “Imperial Palace” toward “Shibuya scramble crossing”, which is famous for appearing in a scene of a movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. If this idea could be realized, we could enjoy riding along the course like in the movie.

That’s all.
I hope this dream would come true.

Best Regards

Hope to ride the Tokyo Olympic course in zwift


Thank you for your agreement!
I believe it must be adopted as all Zwift riders do!


Yes. I had a similar post a long time ago. Want to see lots of cherry trees in blossom and Mt Fuji.


Thanks for the comment!
I strongly hope that the idea would be adopted, and you could enjoy what you want!

Hope, I can ride at Olympic course in Tokyo! Sounds great!!!:+1:


I hope our request would come true!
Thank you so much!
Ride on!

It would be a stunning course, you would see Mt. Fuji alongside.


Sounds great!
Looking at reports by riders participated in the test even, I couldn’t help imagining that I could enjoy the course with the great view of Mt, Fuji!
And lots of Zwift riders would agree with it.
However, not all of them could enjoy the course. And I hear that we can’t ride on some part of the course because they are the routes only for cars except during the Olympics.
So, the only way for all Zwift riders to enjoy it is Zwift!

Thank you so much!
Ride on!

i vote for that… maybe also a mash up with the Osaka Crab popping up



Appreciate your comment and agreeing with my opinion.
Do you like the Osaka Crab popping up?
I also hope it!
Ride on!

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Yeah, “Godzilla”!
“Godzilla”, which is the main character of Japanese worldwide famous movie series, is relevant to Mt, Fuji 'cause there is a famous scene from the movie which describes “Godzilla” standing with Mt.Fuji in the background.

Thanks to your comment, I came up with another expectation!
That’s “Godzilla” PowerUp!
If the suggestion for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics new course would be accepted and we could enjoy riding around Mt.Fuji, we might be able to expect a new PowerUp called “Godzilla”, which we could get around Mt.Fuji.

I can’t help fantasizing about the new course and lots of things on it.

Ride on!

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lol - that would be awesome

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Great idea, i’d like to see generally a Zwift map of Tokyo and the many tourist attractions. I would think the colours in cherry blossum season during the day and the vibrant night scenes would be amazing!

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I’d also like to see a “Zwift map of Tokyo”, which would totally show us many tourist attractions.
Even though we could not actually visit Japan, I hope a lot of people all over the world could enjoy Japanese spectacular scenes through Zwift, which would inspire Zwifters to ride!

Thank you for the comment.
Ride on!

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