Japan / Tokyo / Mt. Fuji Map

This is a general request but with the Summer Olympics coming up I think it would be wonderful for Zwift have a Toyko or Japan map added.

Also, if I may make a more personal request, I’d love to see Zwift add a Yowamushi Pedal route. Yowamushi Pedal is a major sports manga/anime that is focused on cycling and any shout outs or tie ins with that would be fantastic for both weebs like me and others more familiar with the Japanese medium. Yowamushi Pedals is a major reason cycling went from an occasional mode of travel to a serious life long hobby for me and I think leveraging that sort of passion creating media would be a great way to inspire more Zwifters to enjoy the rides instead of just grinding for experience and drops.

I support this.

Yes, my user name and avatar do checkout.

More than fake manga routes, I’d appreciate a JAPAN map done of the great climbs in western Tokyo out to Mt Fuji. Great cycling areas!

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Only if it’s not another half assed world like Richmond. That world could be really nice but alas Zwift has basically decided to hold it back. There are a few others that are the same. I wish Zwift would have given those worlds the effort and skipped NYC all together.

I would really love to see a Japan map more than anything.

Yes. Would be fun! But Zwift literally just put in new routes!

I just posted on this subject in a parallel thread.

The “new routes” are relatively minor – we already know they’re doing the Olympic course. The only question is which parts. I post some detailed suggestions in that other thread.