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Hi guys, I’ve been talking to a few Zwift riders and we have all said it would be great if we could ride Japan on Zwift, I have emailed customer support and they asked me to put a post on here to see how much interest there would be, if you think it would be awesome please like and see where it goes.
Thanks for your support.

Hi @Dan_Horsley, welcome to the forums.

Have you ridden in Makuri Islands yet? It is based on a Japanese inspired world. This should be what you are looking for. Seems strange that customer support wouldn’t have mentioned this…


it’s a waste of your time posting here. There are suggestions with hundreds of votes that have not been looked or even responded to by ZHQ.

but as Mike says check out Makuri islands with the new Neokyo expansion roads could be just what you are looking for…you never know maybe Mt Fuji could appear at some point.


I rode Suki’s playground yesterday for the first time yesterday and I thought then it was Japanese theme.
We were thinking like Tokyo and with more traditional buildings.
But thanks for your reply

Like this? :wink:


Hmmm… Time for a Makuri expansion in the June release? Either @JamesBailey convinced the people in charge of the world calendar to add some more Makuri(maybe it’s just to let more riders join the Makuri PPs?), or Zwift is planning something for this coming month…

Makuri is scheduled for June 8th, which I believe is when the update is scheduled for(Giant Gravel Crushers says that the new frames will be in-game June 8th, it’s the second week of June, and a Wednesday :wink:).

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Personally I’d settle for fixing all the things that are broken, re-broken and/or missing at present. It’s getting daft.


100% agree, except Zwift has a pattern of releasing features before fixing the things that broke in previous releases…

How about way overdue Yumezi expansion along w/ numerous bug fixes for the June release/update? Kill two birds w/one stone?! We can dream right :smile:

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It’s so the Pace Partners are available to more people who don’t yet have the new home screen.