World Guest Calendar Nov 2022

So I was planning on doing a 150 mile ride in Makuri Islands on with the new Urukazi expansion soon being released. This is on November 19 and I’m wondering if this is going to be available this day because the route I wanted to do was a combo of Yumezi, Neokyo, and Urukazi in one ride with multiple laps until 150. I’m guessing that it’s going to be available on the Saturday following the 4th of November (road release) which would be the 5th and maybe the next do I could do another big training ride on the 12th. So could you please make it available those Saturday’s at least because that was my plan. I’m guessing it will be available a lot since that’s what you do when a new road’s released like when Yorkshire was released in 2019 and I saw there were a lot of yellow dots because people wanted to try the new road often.

Recent releases have been (NZT):
18 Oct
15 Sep
8 Aug
9 Jul

So you should be OK based on history. And if by slim chance Makuri isn’t on rotation, you can create a workout or meetup and bail from those to ride any world.

Course calendar will probably be available in a week or so. I actually just published an article with speculation on the new expansion. Zwift's Urukazi Expansion Speculation - ZRace Central

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