Neokyo in November!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our eye-popping teasers for Makuri Island’s latest expansion, Neokyo. We can’t wait to jump into the bright lights and fast roads of this neon city. We’re installing the final neon signs and will be opening these roads later this month. To prepare, we are shifting the current world calendar a bit so you can get your daylight fill before the sun goes down and the Neokyo lights turn up.

As soon as the guest world schedule is posted, we’ll add a link to it here.


Thanks for the update, @shuji. Looks like the calendar is now updated too.

Just posted this on Zwift Insider, summarizing everything we know about Neokyo. Stoked for its release! Neokyo Is Coming: Eric Min Posts Teaser Ride - Zwift Insider


Looking forward to the release!


Awesome! Can’t wait for the new roads (that will be just like riding on all the other roads) whilst we can’t do simple things like u-turn or run the ZCA on our devices or natively on the iPad :rolleyes:


Still waiting. :thinking: :confused:

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My hunch is that it’ll launch today because Makuri is on the schedule for 7 days straight starting today which is the most of any guest world this month. Fingers crossed… :slight_smile:

My guess is they were due to release it today but found a bug and so it is slightly delayed.

Otherwise would they not have released it with the course change over?

Normal update is a few hours from now. Tends to drop about 6pm here in the UK.


But would they not have done that yesterday so the new roads were ready to go at the changeover?

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Do you really think that ‘found a bug’ would keep Zwift from releasing an update? :rofl:


I said “a” not “all” or even “most” haha


Looks like Lucy Charles got early access…


Im sure they either drop on a Wednesday or Thursday these days. It would be sensible to drop earlier in the week but you also have ZRL on a Tuesday night which hampers that.

I’d expect Wednesday. Thursday is big with al the TTT events.

Didnt stop Zwift for a long long time :laughing:

I’m wondering if it’s being timed to be released once it’s been approved for the Apple App Store. Avoid the situation where PC users get it right away and iPad/AppleTV users have to wait a day or two for it to be approved.

It’s there (on PC at least). Looks like you have to navigate to it manually… I don’t see any new Neokyo routes on the home screen, but when I start a ride and zoom out on the map in Companion, it’s there.

It has been on the Companion map for days. You can’t turn there though.

That’s from the last update (1-2 weeks ago?) to the Companion App. Happened with the Titans Grove, etc expansion in Watopia.

Darn, got excited there for a moment. My mistake.