Does Zwift even know their target demographic?

Super disappointed with the continuous slow roll out of upgrades and features on existing worlds.

Buggy releases one after another on them.

And now, the Neokyo release…really that’s the best you can do $450M from KKR and this is the results

You would think they might want to listen to the masses and not continue to pander to the vocal minority and continue with the substandard vision and product.

What don’t you like about Neokyo? Road it tonight and personally the roads and graphics are pretty good there.


100% agree.

Who the heck decides to go for the ‘shiny road look’ and then deal with the reflections by presenting a single blurry (bitmap?) that just rotates permanently under the rider and clips at the horizon. Neon road while riding through a park.

Lazy and annoying, It’s like watching a weird inverted aurora or some kind of screen burn-in. Terrible, substandard experience.

Also, Neokyo seems devoid of significant visual landmarks so learning routes is just not going to happen for me. The best way to describe the experience is like a weird sweaty neon theme-park ride where you just lurch around corners from one visual assault to another. What’s with the ‘arcade’? Claustrophobic.

Just go back to Watopia and get that feeling of open space, gentle movement and horizons. Then take a look at Neokyo and to some extent Makuri in total. So disappointing. Watopia is a true alternative to riding on the road, Neokyo will never be that.

Gotta wonder if any actual users are going your UX testing Zwift, because it really doesn’t feel like it at this point.


I found it engaging at first, but after about an hour of riding I was suffering from sensory overload. It just doesn’t play as a place I would want to ride. Maybe if other routes passed through so you didn’t have to spend much time spent there, or if the world had the day night cycles so at least the feel of the place changes.

Unless Zwift has some longer term plans to add features or gamification elements, it just isn’t a fun place to ride for more than a few miles.


Well, you can always ride back to Yumezi. And there appears to be a bridge that is presently not accessible which might mean a future expansion in that direction.

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I can understand your dissapointment. In some points I think as well for a 15 Bucks / month app there should be some more improvements.

And a greater vision.

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