Zwift Companion App and Neokyo

Rode Neokyo yesterdafor the first time, and was much more fun than I thought it would be - kudos to the dev as it looks and feels amazing.

The only issue I found was that I found the colour scheme on the CA made it almost impossible for me to see where I was on the map to give multiple ride ons easily - I don’t have an issue with the other worlds, just the Neokyo colour scheme

I found it literally impossible on the most zoomed out setting, and still difficult on the next zoom level in

Is there a tweak that would make the user position on the map easier to spot?

That’s strange, I don’t use CA much but was last night in Neokyo and could see myself fine. There is a big white circle around you.

You know there’s a button that makes the map centre around you yeah?

What are you running it on? I was on iPhone.

Appreciate all that - I just found it difficult, even knowing it was the centre of my screen (Samsung, Android). Might just be me!

Agree, it’s not as clear as other maps due to road colours not being in contrast to the surrounds like they are in other maps (Watopia - dark brown road against light green backgrounds for eg). Also quite a few areas where roads are close to each other plus the overlapping from multi-levels making for a very busy map.

Doesn’t bother me too much as I have no idea where I’m going anyway :slight_smile: