Neokyo gradient profile in white

I like to use the gradient profile in the upper right to get a sense of what is coming up. With Neokyo being a darker map overall, it is tough to tell when just riding in game, the 1-3% kickers on the roads. So, I look to the gradient profile, but it is a black on black display, so its pretty tough to read. Would be nice to get this in a better contrast to assist riders!



This one too

Oh, and this:


Gets my vote


This really needs sorting - it is impossible to see it in the city sections.

Now london is sorted this is my new gradient graph annoyance!

London is sorted??

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It is* and it is beautiful!

*mostly - the your position marker still tracks along the bottom of the graph and climb is still counted in multiples of 6 or 7 feet but they are kinda minor problems.

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