Gradient display

I’m new to zwift and using a smart trainer. The only negative so far is not knowing the gradient when on a rolling course. The upper right map is useless imho. A simple gradient profile would be better in order to select gears. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t know when the gradient changes until the power jumps and I’m in the wrong gear. Maybe it’s just me but I find it difficult to decipher the gradient from looking at the road in front of my avatar. Are the display settings to make this easier? Thanks

Hi @johnMac, welcome to the forums.

Yes gradient could be displayed better, the current grade of the road is displayed in the upper right corner of the map in large digits, but that is about all…

The best way I’ve found to anticipate the upcoming gradient changes are to look at the black line directly underlying the current gradient number in the upper right box display. It doesn’t give the exact number coming up, but at least gives you a slight idea of what to expect and how much it might kick up.

There’s a thread requesting gradient to be added to the Companion app, but this would just be for current gradient, not the upcoming gradient.

FWIW I think it gets easier to judge with a bit of experience - and previous knowledge of the routes.

thanks guys for the replies, the were helpful. my 60+ yr old eyes didn’t even see the gradient # in the box. even with a large tv in front of the trainer. so i think my suggestion of a gradient profile with a larger grade # displayed is a good one. does anyone from zwift read these suggestions?

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Missing gradient profile is one of the greatest shortcomings of Zwift unfortunately and I really hope they implement something useful here soon … :slight_smile:

The upcoming gradient graph in the upper right corner of the mini-map could use a contrasting border, especially in Neokyo. The dark graph disappears quite frequently with the dark background.