Gradient indicator

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So this has been on my mind for quite a while and it’s extremely clear to me that this feature is clearly needed in our world of zwift.

I’m having a difficult time evaluating what gradient/percentage a section of a hill is when riden (especially when racing)

When entering a climb/hill is impossible to determine the gradient/percentage by the tools available, the profile of the map is to small to determen the climb and the gradient is dramatically shifting so the currant gradient display is to little use.

I would strongly recommend the profile of the map to be displayed bigger (with color gradient displayed) or even better, have the gradient display in world on the side of the road (with the already in use color code, green to red)
Are you guys familiar with virtual racing lines in racing games, they are used to assist the player in where to turn and when to break.
This could be used for zwifters to know the gradient of the hole climb not just the current displayed gradient.

To summarize, a visual guide of more then the current gradient would be awesome and is needed imho.

So what are your thoughts guys, experiencing the same or have a better solution?


Yepp somekind of solution to the gradinent
Maybe time to let the rider be able to choose and zoom profile.
Choose what you want to see and where.
For me the gradient in the corner is a joke.

Make some changes and soon

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On second thought, I get that a new overlay with what I call racing line is a bit of an challenge to implement in a short time.
But just move the tiny gradient displayed at the top right corner and make it huge and transparent on top of the current power and hr overlay!
This should be an easy fix right?

kinda like this.


I especially like the red/yellow/green indicator on the side of the road (I would also like it in the minimap).

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If you look at zwiftinsider, say for example the 2D map would be awesome as an overlay. It shows distance along with gradients.

This feature would really help planning during rides.

Cool solution with the yellow lines along the road.
As an additional option to consider it could be similar solution to the one in BKool bike simulator. Where beside the global mini-map gradient they have the graph with numbers of % that indicates the change of gradient in the nearest section, so it makes it really easier to understand what is coming ahead.

As “a final solution” it could be always a several choice options provided to the user to turn them on or off in the settings menu.

Yeah, this is the reason I turned trainer difficulty to 0% on the very first day after few hours of testriding Zwift. It’s too hard to see the gradient coming. Compared to real life.

Agree, need larger font for gradient number and more advanced notice capability.

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