Better visualisation of the slope

Very difficult to have a idea of the slope that is coming: a better screen with the slope for the next 0.5, 1 or 5 km would be very appreciated

Really agree: Slope is very important and as there is no direct visualization of the road slope they should improve the graph

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Would be nice to have an overlay similar to the power one we see during workouts at the bottom of the screen. Optional.

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Thats a great idea, fully supported by this Zwifter.

Even I would like to have a route profile more clear and easy to view while riding.

This has been a long requested feature and we can hope whenever the new UI is released it will be incorporated. In the mean time we are left with utilized and other 3rd party sites to get a detailed route profile and must remember it for our ride (or have a separate display set up to have it up during the ride).

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