Horizon line (HUD) like airplanes (ideally at a keypress) to help gauge gradient

When approaching a climb I have really hard time telling what comes next.
It might be cool to have a horizon line kind of like airplanes on their HUD.

I must admit, I find it hard to read the road at times. Outside I can see if the road is significantly steep, but in Zwift even a 7% can look almost flat to me! =)

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Please leave a vote on the feature if you like it (or my other request that’s a different approach to the same).

I believe there are some “errors”/imperfections in Zwift maps regarding gradient … (especially some parts of NY) I see gradient info changing from -2% to 0 then back to -1 … -2%, but I can’t see any change/difference in the road ahead (its visual appearance)…

sometimes I’d swear I go downhill (slightly), but gradient shows +2% and vice versa. Yeh, it’s rare - mostly gradient and appearance matches, but sometimes not …

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