Game Update - November 18th, 2021

Overall, no huge problems for me with the new roads. However, I did notice the frame rate seems lower than I’d normally see. It was particularly obvious when riding through the arcade.

I also noticed that the contrast between the gradient indicator in the top right and the map behind it is poor. Most of Neokyo is quite dark on the map tile, and this made it harder to see what’s coming up in terms of gradient changes.

Like many of Zwift’s built up areas, Neokyo is rather slab-like in places. The same texture used repeatedly for large areas. It reminds me of a video game from the 90s in that sense. The more vibrant areas don’t suffer from this as much, but it’d be visually appealing to me to see more variety in larger planes.

Oh, and this is worth noting: when riding around a busy Neokyo earlier, I really notices the apparent lack of sticky draft. That’s more related to blob 3.0 than the map itself, but this was the first time it really stood out to me.