Wide view terrain map is hard to read

(Christopher Scott) #1

It took me a couple rides to figure out how to interpret the wide view progress map on the upper right side of the screen. It should be more clear to figure out where you are on the map and how it corresponds to the zoomed view above it. Perhaps you could have a highlighted rectangle that shows which section of the large view map is being displayed by the zoomed map?

Another suggestion is that it may be better if the full size view map displayed across the whole bottom of the screen so that it is easier to read.

(Joann Plamondon) #2

I agree. Just had my first ride today and loved it, but also found that the wide view progress map wasn’t clear. I had no idea where I was on it.

(Tim Corso) #3

You’re the big orange and white teardrop, isn’t that obvious? Everyone else are small white and orange teardrops.

(Christopher Scott) #4

Tim - would I have written this feedback if it were obvious? :slight_smile:

As the question states, I was able to figure it out, but only after studying the map for a bit. The UX could be much better.