Neokyo - Anybody know what day it goes live?

For some reason I got it in my head that it was yesterday, disappointed to find that the new area wasn’t there.

No one knows for sure. But the latest rumor is today

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Within the next hour by the looks…


Bike radar posted this overview of the routes, must be soon today.

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Have an update downloading now on windows.


Thanks all, I will head downstairs and see if I can update ready for this evening.

I think keep an eye on the “What’s New?” section of the forums, I’m sure they’ll post there when it is available. Nothing yet on Apple Store for iOS


Looks nice but I won’t have time tonight to ride

Now available on iOS! Ride on and enjoy. A number of fixes in the update also…

Includes upgrades to the visuals in London, interestingly.

And added audible clicking sounds to EDIT: everything. Scroll bars are back.


Anyone tested the fix of the U-turn bug yet?

It’s fine. Fixed.

Beware truck-kun

Neokyo is


Use the resources to fix functionality.

I like it, no issues with functionality for me.

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New city area is quite nice.