New route from Moscow? What you think about it?

(Serge Faberovsky [WAY](A)) #1


Maybe you won’t be interested in the idea of ​​a new route.

In Moscow, we have a track built for the 1980 Olympic Games, it is still a sports facility that is visited by many people who are fond of cycling
It has a lot of different routes from 4 km to 13.6 km and very mixed relief.
I can provide accurate tracks of all routes and terrain on this route and provide any possible assistance in this.

Many cyclists from Russia will like this route and this will undoubtedly increase traffic from the Russian segment to Zwift.

What do you think about creating such a route to Zwift?

If you need any help, then I know with a representative of the organizations that own this track and i can help.

Tell me please what are you thinking on this?

(Paul) #2

Great idea. Real world routes from around the globe. Unity in sport :grin:

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(Nigel ) #3

I think they should add more routes to existing worlds.

(Adam) #4

Cool idea. Voted.
It could be also the ride inside the city. I had a chance to visit Moscow for one of my projects and really loved the cycling/running routes from the Park Gorky and all along the river.
I would also look into Saint Petersburg - one of the most unique cities in the world. And, by the way, the most populated northern city in the world.

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(Sergey) #5

Great idea! Voted.
The Olympic track in Krylatskoye - firstly!
The Moscow have many interesting roads with good relief and beauty around.