Add UCI 2019 World Championships Harrogate Circuit to Zwift

The 2019 UCI Worlds will be based in Harrogate, the routes have been announced and there is a fantastic 14km circuit in and around Harrogate, would be awesome to get this into Zwift, also adding some of the local cycling clubs jerseys into Zwift such as the Harrogate Cappuccino Cycling Club

Be a lot of support from the local riders for this. The Harrogate cycling community has a pretty big presence of Zwift through the Yorkshire winter.

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Will be great to see a Harrogate circuit on Zwift. The route is nice and lumpy and I’ve created it in ridewithgps UCI World Champs Harrogate Circuit 2019 - A bike ride in Harrogate, England Come on Zwift, you know you want to :wink:

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It’d get my vote.

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Wholeheartedly agree. I really like the Innsbruck course and any additions would enhance it

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They did Richmond and Innsbruck - I think it’ll be a travesty if they don’t add Yorkshire. The county has done so much to promote cycling in the UK and all the events from the TdF Grand Départ onwards have been stellar.

If they’re adding any Yorkshire club jerseys I hope they add the Ilkley one. I love that.

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Hopefully this is a thing they do each year for the worlds now. They have increased the subs so I would expect these type of add ons to come along. Fingers crossed!


  • whippet / Yorkshire pudding power ups.
  • Gold Post boxes en route (2012 Olympics thing)

You want another world that gets 60% effort from Zwift? Innsbruck and Richmond already suffer from this.

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Would be really nice. Maybe there’s a way to add it as a section to to the “London” map, making it a huge versatile UK map.

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What do you mean by “60%” Having been to Innsbruck for the 2018 world champs I think the Zwift course is great.

Yes, as I stated before in another thread…add Yorkshire to London (lol who said Yorkshire was in Innsbruck) add Gnadenwald to Innsbruck, add reverse to Richmond.


haha, and here I thought that was my original idea :smiley: haven’t read the other thread.
Yeah, Gnadenwald would be really nice as an addition to Innsbruck; they could actually recreate the whole “real world” road to Gnadenwald (London - Yorkshire for real might be too much :wink: ) however some people seem to not like the big climb of Innsbruck, being stuck there with a very short flat lap (and even that has a short steep climb). Adding another climb may not be the best option for them. Anyways, I love the Innsbruck course, I love big climbs and I would love to see Gnadenwald as an additional section.
And Richmond reverse would be nice too. I think a few passages may be a bit too tight for two-way traffic.

I don’t know what it is but I think there is a problem with the code or something that prevents Richmond reverse. As for narrow sections, Zwift seem to have learnt from that for Innsbruck as the bottom of the legsnapper has been widened to allow two way trafffic.

There has been plenty of speculation that a Yorkshire route is in the works and perhaps magic tunnels from London would make sense otherwise we will get to a point where there are too many worlds and the schedule means each world only gets a few days. Maybe then Zwift would bring in true world swap to cater for so many worlds.

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One km at 28%…this is easy to add
Nobody will ride it but why not?

Love the idea but no turbo trainer can simulate such a steep hill so there isn’t any points in adding a hill so steep

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I know but it was used in men’s race and would add some sting (a lot) to the Kleiner Hill.
Hammer 20%,Neo 25%,Kikr 20%,Direto 14%

So August 5th maybe?
The earlier, the better.

Doesn’t look good does it? Innsbruck was released early August ahead of the Worlds. No sign of a Harrogate course and that’s very disappointing.

Zwift will have a pop-up Store in Harrogate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is launched closer to the time together with this store, being able to ride the circuit indoors at Zwift is a pretty compelling reason to have it… I’m still hopeful