Add UCI 2019 World Championships Harrogate Circuit to Zwift

(Mike Prytherch) #1

The 2019 UCI Worlds will be based in Harrogate, the routes have been announced and there is a fantastic 14km circuit in and around Harrogate, would be awesome to get this into Zwift, also adding some of the local cycling clubs jerseys into Zwift such as the Harrogate Cappuccino Cycling Club

(Ewan Morrison CAPPO) #2

Be a lot of support from the local riders for this. The Harrogate cycling community has a pretty big presence of Zwift through the Yorkshire winter.

(James Lovell Cappo) #3

Will be great to see a Harrogate circuit on Zwift. The route is nice and lumpy and I’ve created it in ridewithgps Come on Zwift, you know you want to :wink:

(Tim Wilson (Cappo)) #4

It’d get my vote.

(Tom Lincoln) #5

Wholeheartedly agree. I really like the Innsbruck course and any additions would enhance it

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #6

They did Richmond and Innsbruck - I think it’ll be a travesty if they don’t add Yorkshire. The county has done so much to promote cycling in the UK and all the events from the TdF Grand Départ onwards have been stellar.

If they’re adding any Yorkshire club jerseys I hope they add the Ilkley one. I love that.