2019 UCI World Road WC - Harrogate Circuit

Guess the press embargo ended last Friday, 23rd August. But, I am only noticing the news now. I am not sure what to make of the circuit. It’s not flat, but it’s not a climbers paradise either. It appears to only have one real stinger starting at ~7.5km.

Will it be an independent world or will it be via magical tube and connected to London? :thinking:

Guess we shall see soon enough!

via Daddy Lama (congrats mate) @Shane_Miller_GPLama:

courtest of @Eric_Schlange_ZI:

Because they will want the ride to show up on Strava to match the real world location, I’d be shocked if it isn’t a separate world. A magic tube would let you cover the long distance in a short time which would mess up the Strava (and Training Peaks and Garmin) site(s).

London isn’t mapped to the physical locations you know ! Remove Zwift from you FIT file and upload it to Strava, you will be surprised,
Strava is Zwift aware and processes Zwift files differently with different maps


UCI commits publicly the release date in a press release…


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Nice find! Unfortunately, my Neo is awaiting replacement parts as of this past weekend :cry:

Zwift has committed to the next two years as well (Switzerland and Belgium).

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Looks like Zwift may hold the course until September 9th. It’s not part of London.

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… or they wait til public announce at eurobike ! Take a look at them (starting at 3:00) : [https://youtu.be/zxRNyGbjWnc]

I don’t like ‘event only’ courses.
But, yes, definitely will be shown at euro-bike this week. But, we will still have to wait until Monday.

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Doesn’t sound like it will all be Event Only tbh:

Full Course Details

The official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships.

Distance: 13.8 km // 8.6 mi

Elevation: 245 m // 804 ft


A clockwise trip around the northern, flatter part of the Harrogate Circuit. This route hits the shorter, faster sprint portion.

Distance: 10.7 km // 6.6 mi

Elevation: 204 m // 669.3 ft


A counterclockwise trip around the northern, flatter part of the Harrogate Circuit. This is where you put the hammer down and hit the sprints.

Distance: 5.7 km // 3.5 mi

Elevation: 82 m // 269 ft


Ride the southern part of the Harrogate Circuit in reverse. Lots of hills await you here. You may need some of the Tewit Well’s famed restorative waters after tackling this route.

Distance: 10.7 km // 6.6 mi

Elevation: 204 m // 669.3 ft


Tackle every challenging section of the undulating Harrogate Circuit in both directions. It will take more than a sip of Yorkshire’s chalybeate waters to refresh your legs after this.

Distance: 27.5 km // 17.1 mi

Elevation: 490 m // 1,607.6 ft

Harrogate Circuit Reverse - Events Only

Take the official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships. Now put it in reverse.

Distance: 13.7 km // 8.5 mi

Elevation: 245 m // 803.8 ft

Edit - the description for Duchy looks wrong but otherwise that’s what Zwifthacks has too. Can’t wait!


Saw the guy from GCN was riding Yorkshire on a giant imax screen at the Eurobike event.

It’s O P E N for all and now with update!
Or hack world 7 without update

Here’s the future link to next weeks rides:

Not event only :neutral_face: