Tour de Zwift 2020?

Anyone has any info about TdZ 2020?
Looking forward to ride it January (hopefully).

Eric Min confirmed there will be one. As to details, that’s kind of a secret.


Watch this forum for details soon.


Isn’t it about time that they should be telling us something? We’re at two weeks-ish out from last year’s starting date, right?


It is pronounced zoon

Just train now for it, if it’s a race you intend to be in. Zwift prefers to spring things last minute-style. They are just beginning to post Ride on for World Bike Relief which starts in 12 hours from now. Quick, get your sponsorship and ride sevveral hundred kilometers for a valuable charity Zwift has worked with for several years now. Each time with less notice than the previous year.



We know stage dates and routes–what we don’t yet know are events times or the distances for the different categories.

Has Zwift gotten smaller? Wasn’t TdZ 9 stages last year?

One stage for each world this year. The stages are shorter too. But they left out Crit City?