2018 UCI Road World Championships Course in Zwift


Zwift announced another UCI course to be released about August. I wonder if this is the end of Richmond? It sounds good to have new roads. I’m sure it will be wildly popular up to the actual world championships. But, is it more exciting than Richmond? Will it be only in one direction? Who will keep on it come October?

What does everyone think?

I just hope it is not a new world. Hopefully they can just tie it in to an existing world

I hope this is a fourth course option and is NOT the end of Richmond. Being a resident of the US and having attended that event, it is really cool to be able to ride that route even if it is just virtually.

Please, Zwift, please do not remove Richmond.

Oh, I hope they do justice to the Austrian countryside…

It’s great to add a new course but PLEASE continuing expanding Watopia and London. A lot of peopel just want a 90k or 2 x 45km rolling ironman/IM70.3 type course. I use Zwift for convenience and to avoid cars and if I could do weekend long rides on Zwift without endless laps it would be great.

I looked at the main climb. Looks like Pinot and Froome and O’Connor raced up it this past April in the Tour of the Alps. Pinot had an estimated 6 watts/kg to KOM at 15:52. The women’s QOM is at 22:50 at 4 watts/kg by R. Markus of team Centric.

So, it looks to be similar times as Zwift’s Epic forward climb, only it is 7 kilometers at 6%.

I’m sure Zwift will set us up with some full length races before the World’s.


First time poster and new to Zwift. Am currently a week in, working through the levels. Am wondering if it be available to all levels