Innsbruck expansion

Really like the Innsbruck environment and climbs…any plans for additional expansion loops? Very nice place to ride.

unlikely, it was a world championship course so can’t see them expanding it

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Unfortunately I can’t see this happening but I’d love a nice flat-ish stretch along the River, basically what the world champs used as a run into town.

Our version isn’t complete… we’re missing the lead in and the final lap climb.

Also there’s no reason why Zwift couldn’t add real (or fantasy) roads that branch off the existing one as alternate courses. Taking a quick look on the map there are a few real ones available.

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Yes, would think there’s some nice rolling terrain/climbs around there to be had in real life. Or even adding the climbing portion of the worlds course they didn’t include.

This is missing definitely

I’m going to guess that they skipped the highway to Höll because most trainers can’t simulate that. Even if they could, what avg. joe could actually push up a 28% grade? Pros with the proper gears can but a person like my dad…his knees might explode trying, or his legs might actually come off.

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Guess I didn’t remember it was that steep in one place…not crazy otherwise though…it tops out where it tops out…mine does 14%, then I guess it just makes my speed slower.