Innsbruck extension

While riding TdZ stage 2 today, another Zwifter mentioned an idea I support - adding an extension to the Innsbruck Zwift-world.

One possible idea is to model the Lanser Straße and Dorftstraße roads that connect KOM climbs up Igler Straße and Aldranser Straße new each climb’s mid-point ( ). That would make for some routes with good climbs that are a bit more manageable when one isn’t ready to grind up one for 30 minutes. Another nice add would be some more options through town for extra variety.

My apologies to a I am noting here,; you deserve the credit but I did not see you screen name

The elite men’s course included an added loop up a climb which maxed out at 21.8% for 300 meters:
Veloviewer link.

Right before the leg cracker climb, instead of the right up the hill, you turn left into the mountains behind Innsbruck, then another left back onto the leg cracker. 1.7 km @ 13.3% average = 226 meters, which is similar to the radio tower climb on Watopia but 30% longer, and steeper at its max.

It’s sort of implied this would be added, since the UCI lap at present is called the “short lap”, which suggests there may be a “long lap” later.

If there were any extra roads to be added to Innsbruck, I’d prefer @Tim_Gilbert 's idea of a road cutting across between the villages of Igls and Lans, so you don’t have to do the full KOM each time, rather than another new and super steep climb!


Correction: the left turn is at the top of the leg-cracker climb (not the bottom, as I previously wrote).

There’s a nice map of the full course here.