Holl climb addition to Innsbruck

(John Cahill Tt1 D (C)) #1

Just wondering if the Holl climb could be added to Innsbruck and why it wasn’t part of the original release? It is a relatively short addition off the top of the Insbruckring climb so i wouldn’t have thought it would have been a huge add on. It would be quite a cool add on especially now that in the latest release races can be over unique routes…a holl finish would be awesome.

Obviously the resistance would be huge and speeds would be a crawl…Is there an issue with some trainers and Kickr Climb etc simulating a 25%+ gradient that means it is not possible in Zwift?

(I M Gandu) #2

I love this idea too. I wonder if the limits of my Computrainer would be exceeded.

(David Dewaels IM) #3

A climb to 25% on Zwift, I get off the bike and I walk :rofl:

(John Hallas ) #4

It does sound overkill to me. I am reasonably certain it would exceed the capabilities of most of the smart trainers.