Innsbruckring cut-through / link


Innsbruckring is my favorite course on zwift. During the recent TTT, a teammate of mine (@Stuart_Moore_DIRT_44) brought up an excellent idea…

We’d like to see a very short cut through added to the Innsbruck map, connecting the 90 degree bend after the lap banner with the road on the other side of the loop, just before the bridge and leg snapper. This very small addition would immediately allow for some great new courses on this map:

  1. A vicious Crit course which would include the snapper on repeat!
  2. A terrific figure 8 course on these roads

This would really help breathe some new life into this great map!

Brandon Peterson

And of course if Zwift HQ have time, the final IRL. Course lap climb could also be added at top of leg snapper.

Everyone loves some 19% gradient action surely


Heck, yes! Innsbruck is already my favorite guest world, and this would make it even better!


Yesssss!!! I support this!!!

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I like it too, good combination of flattish bits, a little climb and a big climb.


Great idea!!!

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+1 for this one , the ability to have a shorter lap with the effort ramp and the steeper climb for training and race events would be a good add.

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Support this totally, both bits, the link and this vicious steep climb.

Definitely need the bit going up to Hungerberg and Hötting - I’ve done that IRL. Great little hill that hurts.

There are other routes that could be included after this one too. For instance what we did for stage 1 of Haute Route Dolomites 2017 which was a Innsbruck-Innsbruck loop finishing opposite Ramada Tivoli (the tilted hotel).