Richmond Rocks - More Please!

(Gerry Gherardini) #1

Just did TDZ stage 5. First time I’ve ridden Richmond. Love it! Please add to calendar more frequently. Love the short, steep climbs.

(Daren) #2

I’m with you. It gets a bum rap from a lot of people (and at times I’ve complained about it too), but I think a lot of that is because it’s drab and un-engaging in terms of the environment. The built up nature of teh course just isn’t as much fun to ride through as Watopia’s greenery and snow.

But Richmond was the first course I rode on, and I have fond memories of World Social Rides and early races on the course. In fact, my first 10 Zwift rides were all Richmond, and I’d forgotten this, but according to Strava my second ever Zwift ride was a 100km Richmond! :smiley:

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

I also Like Richmond: one thing that I thing will make it more interesting is to add some spectators.

(Miles Orchard [Pack][SZR][ZF]) #4

I’m a fan of Richmond too. Made me work hard for a PB last night, more Richmond for sure!

(Andreas Grønneng Hjelme) #5

Hold on. Richmond is sweet for racing, but these days; it´s simply too small for the wast numbers of zwifters out there. Richmond would be nowhere close to sweet with 8000+ riders simultaneously.

Let Richmond be an exciting event-based world. That´s the only way we´ll keep loving it.

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(Miles Orchard [Pack][SZR][ZF]) #6

Totally agree. It would have been carnage if Stage 1 or 2 had been held at Richmond. More ammunition to have it available to all at all times!

(Johnathan) #7

There is some nice riding around Richmond. It’s pretty flat but there is no reason that they couldn’t open this world up a bit, like they have with London. I wish they would give it a real chance, it’s still better than future NYC.

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(Mark) #8

Richmond is awesome for racing. It also has the flattest loop for group rides. But it just doesn’t support thousands of users with limited mileage and only one direction. But 2 sprints, 2 KOM’s and one lap banner - so lots of excitement. I would like to see more Richmond too.