I didn't think I'd say this but

(Chris Holton) #1

I miss Richmond!

(Gerrie Delport) #2

It is good for racing.

(Lee Redford) #3

I miss Richmond to. In fact almost all the other courses. Was great to finally get Innsbruck, but 14 days out of a month, gets very boring, even with the races.

(Steve Copeland) #4

Same here! Missing Richmond and London. Innsbruck is great and I do like climbing but not constantly. Its hard to spin base miles when its on Innsbruck. We need to spread it around more or be able to choose the location.

(Danny Boyd) #5

Richmond is boring for just normal riding, but its a great race course, both hilly and flat.

(Harvey Miller) #6

There are utilities on the net that allow you to choose where you want to ride. Another way is to look at the calendar for the rides listings and, prior to entering Zwift, manually change the date on your computer to the date for the ride area you want.