I see innsbruck is on the Schedule so i am guessing the update will be pushed to all devices sometime this week. I hope the course is better than boring London or Richmond. Now with Innsbruck on the market its time to add course selection. Nothing is more annoying than being tied to some boring world.

i don’t know, someone beating a dead horse on a message forum is pretty annoying

Hi Andre,

out of interest what type of cycling do you enjoy on Zwift? Training, racing, social?

How often do you use Zwift? 

Also how long have you been a member of Zwift?

I only ask, as I don’t think I have ever been bored on Zwift.

I haven’t been a member that long compared to many users. I use rollers, I train, Zwift got me into racing, and I really enjoy the Tour series, sometimes just cruising around.

Some days are great, others are just days. I like the challenges, they keep me motivated. I wanted the !00 mile jersey and the day I chose was London. It took me 4.5 hours of flat route, but I can honestly say I wasn’t bored. 

I’m sure Zwift put a lot of time into each world and (I’m guessing) like you I think Watopia is the best. I think they want us to use all the worlds to justify the time and effort put in to each of them. I don’t mind 1 day of Richmond and maybe 2/3 of London because when I see its Watopia for 4/5 days thats great. 

I wonder if I was to just chose Watopia would the buzz wear off?

Just a thought 

All the best. Ride on.

Richmond is the closest thing to bored there is - so flat - only racing makes it interesting.

At least Innsbruck has a decent climb, as does London now.

I don’t know why people want to have others’ choices be restricted, especially since there are more than enough people now that you’re never really just by yourself.

Why not have it the other way - let people choose what world they want, and if there are riders who would rather not be alone on a route few people are on, then those riders can choose to join a group ride on some other route where they can be sure there will be company.