Tour of LDN

New tour starting soon

Zwift really needs a special event page link on the website, I find they do a pretty terrible job advertising about these special event rides.

Yes I agree @Mike_Rowe_KZOO.velo

Maybe this will be a good place.

I saw it here:

And they should add a search field in the companion app. All I see is some filters.

6 worlds to choose from and we get London for the third year :unamused: I wish for a little more imagination to inspire.

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Yes why not Tour of Bologna?? LOL

Actually there are only 3 worlds that can have a multi day tour. NYC, London and Watopia.

we had Tour of
NYC 23rd Oct 2018 - 3rd Nov 2018
Watopia 2nd April 2019 - 26th May 2019


TOUR OF INNSBRUCK 4th Sep 2018 - 19th Sep 2018

Ok 5 worlds. No we did not do a tour of Bologna… or am I wrong again.

Why do you say this? Both Richmond and Innsbruck have multiple routes. I mean, you may be riding roughly the same terrain multiple times, but there are still enough routes to have a 2-3 stage ‘tour’ of each. (Just keep that Richmond Flat stage short!)

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Yes you are correct , i guess it can be done, I was more thinking of having different routes with different scenery.

A Tour of Innsbruck might give us a chance for a jersey with the upside down house on it, since they didn’t work that into the scenery anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You all are proving me wrong… LOL

TOUR OF INNSBRUCK 4th Sep 2018 - 19th Sep 2018

I will admit that I am impressed that Zwift has listened to feedback from last year’s Tour of Watopia and given us a good range of times for the events - they’re even different on both days (even hours on one day, odd hours on the other), giving a lot more options if you can’t make one particular slot.

Worse thing is there are limited time slots. NZ latest is 4pm so no good for anybody with a job

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