Tour of LDN

New tour starting soon

Zwift really needs a special event page link on the website, I find they do a pretty terrible job advertising about these special event rides.

Yes I agree @Mike_Rowe_PBR

Maybe this will be a good place.

I saw it here:

And they should add a search field in the companion app. All I see is some filters.

6 worlds to choose from and we get London for the third year :unamused: I wish for a little more imagination to inspire.

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Yes why not Tour of Bologna?? LOL

Actually there are only 3 worlds that can have a multi day tour. NYC, London and Watopia.

we had Tour of
NYC 23rd Oct 2018 - 3rd Nov 2018
Watopia 2nd April 2019 - 26th May 2019


TOUR OF INNSBRUCK 4th Sep 2018 - 19th Sep 2018

Ok 5 worlds. No we did not do a tour of Bologna… or am I wrong again.

Why do you say this? Both Richmond and Innsbruck have multiple routes. I mean, you may be riding roughly the same terrain multiple times, but there are still enough routes to have a 2-3 stage ‘tour’ of each. (Just keep that Richmond Flat stage short!)

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Yes you are correct , i guess it can be done, I was more thinking of having different routes with different scenery.

A Tour of Innsbruck might give us a chance for a jersey with the upside down house on it, since they didn’t work that into the scenery anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You all are proving me wrong… LOL

TOUR OF INNSBRUCK 4th Sep 2018 - 19th Sep 2018

I will admit that I am impressed that Zwift has listened to feedback from last year’s Tour of Watopia and given us a good range of times for the events - they’re even different on both days (even hours on one day, odd hours on the other), giving a lot more options if you can’t make one particular slot.

Worse thing is there are limited time slots. NZ latest is 4pm so no good for anybody with a job

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I wish the kit unlock would be different from last year - less motivation since I already have it… would be nice if maybe they could put the year’s completed down the leg or back for multiple tours finished.

Tour of Watopia January 2020 confirmed by Eric Min :slight_smile:
This is sort of a warm-up for that which should include all seven worlds and maybe an eighth?

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Are you referring to the Prudential Ride London kit awarded for the December mission?

tour of london kit

How does the kit unlock work for this tour (I haven’t unlocked it before)?

Completed Stage 5 this evening, and just for a change did all the stages in the correct order rather than needing a catchup. Got the notification and results at the end of each one, all five are showing in MyZwift correctly, and in Garmin and Strava accounts yet no message that the tour was complete the kit unlocked (or even would be unlocked soon) and no sign of the kit just appearing in the garage.

Anyone know what I am missing?

Apart from the kit, obviously …

I received an e-mail after finishing Stage 5 that indicated the kit would be in the garage next Monday (12/23). If you completed all of the stages I would have guessed you should have received the same message.

I believe Zwift waits until the tour is finished, including make up days, before pushing the jersey out to all the users who completed the challenge. You usually dont get it as soon as you finish.

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