Additional Timeslots for TDL

It may be just me, but previous tours (Watopia, NY, London, etc.) seemed to have provided some additional timeslots for the rides. Even hours one day, odd the next. In this year’s (2019) Tour of London it is difficult to understand where the scheduling came from- the times appear inconsistent from day to day and many times have 4+ hours in between offered events. If at all possible I’d like to see additional times be added to zwift event schedules for these big tours. Thanks!

Totally agree with this. I made the same comment on their Facebook page.

What I find interesting is that it is almost as though Zwift thought that only UK (and possibly European) riders would be interested in taking part in the Tour of London. I base that on the fact that the times of all the rides seem well suited to those in or close to GMT, but once you are more than 4-5 hours outside of that (either direction), your choices are really limited.

Now I say that as a UK based rider who has complained before about the scheduled times for other Tours - on those previous occasions there’s rarely been any times during weekday evenings that I could do the rides.

But this is the first occasion I feel as though I’ve actually got multiple options to ride each event, although maybe it’s been done at the expense of people in other regions? I suppose the only way to be sure is to see what happens when they do a Tour of NY or Richmond - if all the events then suit East Coast US cyclists, then we know what’s happening…