Zwift Tour (Watopia, NY, London, etc) bring it on!

(Francois Caron JZQc (B)) #1

I’ve been on Zwift for just over a year. Really enjoy participating to events(races) and challenge myself, but I may become lazy some time and skip days…

The concept of Tours just motivates me to ride every 2 days which is exactly what I target. I know we only get a Jersey, but that is not important, I want to complete them all and that’s enough for me to get on my bike.

The fact that there’s lots of riders on these events, I’m always able to find the strong B pack and ride the course at the pace I need and like.

Thanks Zwift team!

(Tony Palmatier) #2

Looking forward to this as well.

(S Turgeon) #3

This is my first month on Zwift so this coming tour is new to me but I’m excited to do a organized, multi-day event.

(Z Kryder) #4

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(Cory Rood) #5

I’m six weeks into the build me up training plan, wish I could ‘Pause’ the plan but I can’t manage the time it would take to keep up both the plan and the TdZ. I’ll be on vacation the last 2 stages but I would be able to make those up on 2 make up days.