Tour of Watopia

The Tour of Watopia has been great so far.

I used to do a lot of Zwift racing but life gets in the way a lot (work, house sale, long commute to work, family, etc) so my fitness level just isn’t staying high enough to actually be competitive. Plus I technically qualify as a senior citizen (though I won’t admit it) so there is an overall tiredness factor and the races are getting more competetive.

I don’t really like group rides because if I feel like pushing myself that day it doesn’t really fit with the intent of the ride if I go off the front. Other days it can be hard to keep up because I am bagged. The workouts…yuck. Not my thing.

The Tour is the type of event that is perfect for me. Lots of people. Difficult yes but because I can go my own pace I participate as I choose. Choice of days to ride with lots of start times to start (though a 6pm Eastern US start time would be perfect for me) plus make up days. The event is flexible and at the end a reward for completing. Although I had issues with being isolated in the Riders Around You feed with two of the races (which I put under Reset Button without Losing Position in Feature Requests) I still have enjoyed the Tour immensely so far. Even though I had to get off the bike about 5 times and I am still sore two days later I finished Alpe du Zwift with tons of support from other riders that day (Thumbs ups and even feedback from strangers on Strava afterwards). Great job on this event and please…lots more.