Help with events post tdz?

Just looking for a bit of general info. I joined zwift at the start of the new year and participated in the tdz. I loved being able to schedule events ahead to commit to and loved being in a designed course and loved being in the event with people.

I am jumping on again today after getting my bike back from a spring tune-up, but I’m insure how to proceed without tdz. That probably sounds dumb, but I liked that organized part of it. I’m feeling a little lost as far as just jumping in and picking a course on my own. The times that I have done that, I find I end up with a course I wasn’t expecting (all climbs etc.). Is there any function similar to tdz the rest of the year? Are there events running right now? I also liked being able to earn my first gear during tdz. Now I have to figure out how to equip it.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Matt_Peulen, you are in luck, the Tour of Watopia starts tomorrow on March 9th, look for the events in the companion app to sign up. New routes to explore and DOUBLE XP during the events! A great way for new users to level up!

I would also suggest checking out for all the details about the routes. Zwift Course Maps and Details | Zwift Insider
Here you should be able to find some routes that fit your needs, if you are looking for a flat route try tick tock or tempus fugit in Watopia.

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You can find all your available jerseys, socks, hats, bike frames and wheels in the garage, go to the menu while riding in game and click on the icon that looks like a garage/house on the right hand side. There you will also see the drop shop where you can “buy” new frames and wheels with the drops you earn while riding. To change bike frames and wheels you need to come to a complete stop on the road, you can’t change bikes while moving.

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Tour of Watopia starts tomorrow!

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Awesome! Going to go look for that right now! I’ll check out the link too. I had been picking by distance, but I repeatedly seemed to end up picking a New York route where you ended up with 17% climbs up at translucent road I think. :slight_smile: I like rolling hills, but don’t love grades above about 12% if I can help it.