XP Time Windows

Instead of events to get double XP why don’t you just do a double XP window, a period of time where you can ride any trail at any time and during that window of double XP you will get double XP. Very similar to call of duty and other games.

Because then you would lose one of the key selling points of the Tour of Watopia?


You could still do the once a year Watopia event. Nothing would prevent you from doing that.

I get it, there isn’t much in the way of skins or gear that Zwift devs can generate. Currently level 50 is it and you can’t progress past level 50, unless you create a tiered level or class level 1-(1-50) is beginner. Level 2-(1 thru 50) is intermediate. Level 3-(1-50) is pro and level 4-(1-40) is master. That way you have zwifters still striving for more XP and you have gear that matches according. Like calling cards or badges, etc.