Double XP and Grand Tour

With the Tour of Watopia double XP bonus, I’ve been on Zwift a lot more trying to take advantage of the bonus. Any chance Zwift could extend the double XP to everything in the game afterwards for a few weeks? Would be a nice incentive for people to stay indoors as the weather gets nicer, instead of exercising outside, and a bonus for new signups with the covid outbreak.

The other thing would be a 21 stage Grand Tour over 21 days, just like the upcoming 3 day Haute Route event but longer. Go 6-7 days of one stage per day, then a rest day with makeup stages, and then on to week 2. With the Giro more than likely cancelled, I’m sure lots of people would be up for the challenge, including some pros. I think the time is now for a really large scale event like this.

love this idea