21 Stage Grand Tour

I would imagine this has been requested numerous times, but with the Tour de Zwift starting soon I would like to see a 21 stage style grand tour. 21 days, 21 stages with a couple of rest days/ make up days where you could run all the stages from that week. Make a race/ ride start every hour for the day, then onto the next stage the next day. None of this four days to complete a stage, make it a real accomplishment.

I understand this would not be for everyone but I would love to unlock a jersey that I would be proud to wear and know that not a lot of people received. Most video games have achievements, raids, etc. that only the really dedicated can accomplish, I think Zwift needs something like this.

Like I said, I’m sure this has been suggested at some point. Has Zwift ever said anything about a major stage event?

I think you already see that not a lot of people could do this even if they wanted to. It would be a lot of planning and work for only a handful of people.
Maybe you could host your own grand tour on FB. Plan all of the routes to do and see how many people would submit their times. I would start small with say 5 to 8 stages. You could pick a course with finish times (like the Alp, the KOM, and all of the orange jersey laps. 4 stages from sat-tuesday, wed off, 4 stages from thursday to sunday.)
There use to be a site to host stage races called stravaleagues but it is now defunct. It was great. You just selected the course and strava would do the rest. I tried to contact them but never got a reply.)